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Heavensake Konishi Junmai 12 Sake

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The everyday sake.

This private label sake is made by the ancient Konishi Sake Brewery and has a very gentle nose of hay, butterscotch, nougat, and steamed rice. The methodology of this sake is to be a super drinkable Junmai that pairs very well with foods. The mission was a success!

First, the lower alc. content of 12% (instead of the typical 15-16) makes this brew gentle. Smooth, light, and compact. It drinks more full because of the Nihonbare rice varietal and the elevated acidity, which speaks to tannin lovers who enjoy a little astringency complexity in their glass. Speaking to you red wine drinkers who enjoy subtle yet complex flavors such as persimmon, apricot, chicory, dark chocolate, and caramel licks. There is a tickle of bitterness in the finish that speaks to the craft coffee crew and far more ricey expressions come out as the fluid warms in the glass. A mid-sized glass makes for more flavor bumps, but a wine glass captures the smoothness and drying finish better.



Salted caramel, cacao, kumquat and almond.


Pleasing pastry notes with bright fresh finish.


Ceviche, raw oysters, tuna tartare, poached fish, shrimp cocktails, sashimi, Margherita pizza, burgers, New York strip steaks.

*25% less alcohol, 25% less calories than classic sakes

12.5% ABV

Heavensake Konishi Junmai 12 Sake
Heavensake Konishi Junmai 12 Sake Sale price$29.99