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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I contact you?

Are you sure alcohol delivery is legal?

Where can you ship to?

What are your shipping times?

I need my order by a certain date!

Where is my order / tracking number?

Why is my order taking so long?

Why is shipping so expensive?

What payments do you accept?

Do you offer returns & refunds?

Do you offer gift options?

How do I check what I put for the gift message?

Can you exclude the receipt/pricing in the package?

I want to cancel my order!

I have an unexplained charge from you!

I need to change my shipping address!

What if I received a broken / incorrect / missing item?

What if I refuse delivery / there was a failed delivery?

I missed my delivery, now what?

What if my package was delivered, but I never got it?

There hasn't been any movement on my UPS package, what's happening?

Can I contact you on Facebook or Instagram?

Do you have a phone number to call?

Do you price match?

What is covered under the shipping insurance?

I ordered a pre-order item.

Can I order online and pick it up in person?

Does the product photo match what is delivered?

How are your bottles packaged?

Why does the package need a signature?

Where do you get your product descriptions/photos?

Why does my package say 3 pounds? It's definitely more...

I am looking for cocktail recipes.