Don Fulano

Don Fulano Reposado Tequila

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Don Fulano Reposado is the great representative of the spirit of Don Fulano: a marriage of mature highland agave with French limousine oak. It’s rich and buttery, yet strangely delicate and ethereal at the same time. Cooked agave fully expresses itself and blends seamlessly with an herbal sweetness, hints of mature fruit compote and dark chocolate. There’s also a slight spice element which emerges from its delicate finish. A joy to sip on its own, paired with food or in a great cocktail.


Enticing sweet prune, cooked agave and mature fruit compote form the mid-palate.


Limousin oak emerges with notes of vanilla bean, dark chocolate and baking spices.


Dried herbs and grass add to the delicate and ethereal character of this expression.


Cream and ashy minerals add to this complex and pure Reposado.

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