Amaras Mezcal Joven Espadin

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A terrific Mezcal in the Joven style from the Amores company.

Amores provide a superb level of detail and information for the dedicated Mezcal aficionado. This Mezcal hails from the Santiago Matalán region of the spirit’s homeland, Oaxaca. The bottling is made with the popular Espadín agave (also known as Angustifolia) which has been allowed to reach full maturity before harvesting, between 7 to 10 years.

The hearts of the plants have been roasted over red oak in a conical stone over, before being milled in a traditional Tahona (stone wheel) mill. Fermentation occurs in pine wood vats. The spirit has been double distilled and the whole process is overseen by Maestro Mezcalero (Mezcal Master) Armando Martínez.

The final result is a subtle and spritely Mezcal, which serves up notes of gentle flowers (bergamot and honeysuckle particularly), cigar box, gentle wood smoke, verdant agave, sweet mango, salted caramel, slight mint, peppery spice and little cinnamon.

This is a sustainably made spirit: for each agave used, a further 10 are planted by Amores. The Mezcal is made in small batches of just 1500 bottles at a time.