A Peachy Refresh For the Summer

Did someone say summer? ☀️ 🍑 Wether you're hanging out with friends, family, or alone- everyone needs a refreshing drink in these hot summer months. 

What we love about this recipe is that the Ketel One Botanical line has no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no carbs. Just the taste of good ol' nature.

summer spritz


1. In a glass with ice, pour Ketel One and top it with soda water.

2. Optional, but recommended- add freshly sliced fruit or herbs to add an even more refreshing factor to the drink.

Simple, but deliciously refreshing!



Not a fan of peach? The great thing about simple recipes is that you can switch it out with a flavor of your choice. Ketel One Botanical collection comes in 3 flavors. Check them out!

ketel one botanical collection

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