Woodinville 6 Year Bourbon “The Lost Barrel” Cask Strength (Private Selection)

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We love a good story at Top Shelf, and that is exactly what this bottle bring to the table. This barrel was forgotten in the Woodinville warehouse, and when we paid a visit to the distillery the barrel was found! Making this barrel the first 6 year Woodinville Private Selection- The perfect storm for the perfect whiskey.


Cherry, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Slight Graham Cracker, and Faint Walnut. Transitions into a banana bread as it opens up. 


Begins with a burnt caramel, and faint rye spice that begins to build. A dough flavor that transitions into a beautiful finish. 


Dark fruits, a hybrid of raisin and plum. 

Proof: 118.82

Woodinville Bourbon Barrel Number 4934

Jim Murray, currently the most influential whisk(e)y writer in the world, released his annual publication, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible – 2021. This year, Jim rated nearly 5,000 whiskies from all corners of the world. In this edition, Woodinville Whiskey Co. was named US MICRO WHISKY OF THE YEAR – SINGLE BARREL (96.5 points)


All products with “Private Selection” in the title are bottles exclusive to Top Shelf Wine and Spirits. Our whiskey-enthusiastic team hand-selects the specific barrel to be only sold here. Each barrel creates a unique taste, so the process of picking a single barrel is complex and distinctive each time. (Tip: if you enjoyed a bottle of our ‘private selection’, that means that you have similar tasting palate to us and would most likely enjoy all of our private selections!)

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