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WhiskeySmith Salted Watermelon Whiskey

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Ships from San Diego, California

[ST] Feature Icons

It is often said that “two heads are better than one” and that has never been more true for Whiskeysmith. Even better, identical twin brothers but with very different tastes. To complete their brotherly bonding, the brother who loved whiskey and the one with a sweet-tooth, distilled new flavored whiskeys like nothing before.

Whiskeysmith Flavored Whiskeys are crafted with real American whiskey and natural flavors. Each flavor - chocolate, banana, pineapple blood orange, salted caramel, peach and coconut - act as a cocktail in a bottle and add incredible depth of flavor to any cocktail creation.

60 Proof / 30% ABV

WhiskeySmith Salted Watermelon Whiskey
WhiskeySmith Salted Watermelon Whiskey Sale price$31.25