Wheatley Vodka

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Craft DistilledÿbyÿMaster DistillerÿHarlen Wheatley and his dedicated team at theÿDistillery, Wheatley Vodka is made in small batches using Harlen?s one of a kind micro-still and a unique recipe of wheat and other grains. Distilled a total of 10 times, triple filtered, and bottled at 82 proof, this artisanal vodka has a clean, crisp, and fresh taste. ÿHarlen has always wanted to make a premium vodka, and knows from experience that ÿwheat offers a delicate and balanced flavor profile. The wheat recipe is cooked, fermented, and distilledÿsevenÿtimes on the micro-still before being married with a recipe made from other grains and distilled an additional threeÿtimes.ÿ As Harlen describes it, "This is how vodka is supposed to taste."