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Volcán De Mi Tierra Blanco Tequila

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Built on a spirit of entrepreneurship, Volcán de mi Tierra (Volcano of my land) pays homage to and is named after a real volcano that sits in the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico, "Volcán de Tequila".

Volcan de mi Tierra’s true beginnings date back over 200,000 years, when the “tequila” volcano erupted, and nourished the soil of the jalisco region in Mexico.

Volcan de mi Tierra harmonizes 300 years of passion and entrepreneurship, joining the gallardo family’s heritage and deep Mexican roots with Moët Hennessy’s commitment to craftsmanship and savoir faire.


Volcan de mi Tierra blanco blends the herbal, citrus and spicy indicative of the lowlands with fruity notes like cherry and pear from the highlands.

Its taste combines sweet agave notes with delicate hints of grapefruit and a touch of black pepper spice, resulting in a well-balanced finish.

ABV 40%


Volcán De Mi Tierra acknowledges nature by reutilizing most of the resources and materials needed for creating our tequila. In order to maintain an ecological balance we commit to recycle, not only for the benefit of our communities, but also for the welfare of the generations to come.

From field to market, we take great care at every step of the process by blending tradition with leading technology, taste with nature, and craft with flavor.

Evaluation and preparation of the soil, in both owned and leased lands, ensures minimum use of pesticides and agro chemicals.

Volcán De Mi Tierra distillation residues are treated to clean water for the distillery and are used as fertilizer and soil improver in crops.

Packaging residuals are recycled in local facilities, involving our communities in the process of creating our tequila.


Volcán De Mi Tierra strengthens a bond among our people, resembling family. Every day in our distillery, we praise our communities by devoting some of the heart that every member relentlessly pledges to accomplish the finest tequila. 

The CSR program supports a foundation, covering five local elementary schools, a non-profit that promotes personal, social, moral and academic values in our communities.

All resources involved in creating Volcán De Mi Tierra tequilas are proudly produced in México. Furthermore, we are committed in order to give back the heart our communities pledge every day to create the finest tequila.

Volcán De Mi Tierra supports inclusion. Our team is empowered to share and collaborate with every member as a family.

Volcán De Mi Tierra Blanco Tequila
Volcán De Mi Tierra Blanco Tequila Sale price$62.99