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Very Olde St Nick Summer Rye (118.7 Proof)

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The Very Olde St Nick brand has long been a cult favorite. Initially bottled by Julian Van Winkle and subsequently by the Willett Family, VOSN now has its very own home in Bardstown - The Preservation Distillery. Of course, this old bourbon whiskey wasn't distilled there, but drawn from the brands oldest stocks. The distillery is committed to producing whiskey the old way and sources it's grains from local farms, mills on-site and always sour mashes.

This Harvest Rye was selected from over 100 barrels that were aging in the company’s Bardstown barrel warehouse. This spirit was sourced from Tennessee as a part of some experimental batches; however, the spirit was mostly aged in Kentucky over the last several years.

Very Olde St Nick Summer Rye (118.7 Proof)
Very Olde St Nick Summer Rye (118.7 Proof) Sale price$185.99