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Vamonos Riendo Joven Mezcal

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The inspiration for Vamonos Riendo lies in the artesanal spirit of the Oaxacan creative community of artists, chefs, designers and distillers and their commitment to excellence in creating works of art.

Experience our fresh fruit, honey and herbal aroma with a subtle black oak smokiness. On the palate, taste a medley of melon, pineapple, grapefruit and mandarin balanced by the sweetness of cocoa with notes of mint and anise. Long velvety smooth finish of caramel with a tantalizing citrus bite.

84 Proof / 42% ABV


We are aligned with SACRED, a non-profit that helps improve lives in the rural Mexican communities where heirloom agave spirits are made.

Vamonos Riendo is currently underwriting the construction of a rainfall-collection system to mitigate water insecurity in the community of Zaachila, Oaxaca.

Vamonos Riendo Joven Mezcal
Vamonos Riendo Joven Mezcal Sale price$17.99