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Tod & Vixens Dry Gin 1651

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How our products are consumed is as important to us as how they are made. So, we recruited a team of revered cocktail professionals led by Gary (gaz) Regan, including Leo Robitschek and Jeffery Morganthaler, early on and paired them with our British Master Distiller to help us develop our gin. The result is one lively mix of British Sensibility and American Mischief©.

Specifically designed to enhance the flavors of gin cocktails, our inaugural Tod & Vixen’s Dry Gin 1651 is made by macerating botanicals — including juniper, angelica root and rooibos tea — to extract their flavors, then non-chill filtering to retain the unearthed profile. The resulting sip is bold on the entry, giving way to a well-balanced, vibrant gin with a weighty mouthfeel.

As the esteemed gaz Regan put it: “THIS GIN ROCKS.”

WHY 1651?

The short answer is a man by the name of Jellis Douwse Fonda, Eral’s great, great (truly great) Dutch grandfather.

Jellis arrived in New Amsterdam (now New York City) in 1651 and proceeded up the Hudson Valley. On October 19, 1651, the court in Rensselaerwyck (not far from present-day Albany) gave Jellis license to distill liquor, making him the first person in our family to own a distillery. We hope we’re making him proud, though you have to wonder what he would have thought of the Brit we have as our Master Distiller.

Tod & Vixens Dry Gin 1651
Tod & Vixens Dry Gin 1651 Sale price$40.99