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Three Chord Small Batch Blended Bourbon

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Ships from San Diego, California

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The Three Chord flagship small batch is bottled at an easy-drinking 81 proof, featuring up to 12 year old whiskeys from Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee to create a smooth, aromatic and versatile bourbon whiskey.

Our secondary, controlled, wood-charring process reintroduces compounds to create its maple syrup, caramel, and vanilla character. Integrating the additional toasted White American Oak staves brings depth of flavor and a hint of smokiness. We bottle our 100% blended bourbon 250 gallons at a time for a consistent flavor profile and quality taste. 

73%Corn / 20% Rye / 7% Malted Barley. We are considered a medium-high rye bourbon.

81 proof



Clear, Dark Mahogany- Pretzel.


Maple Syrup, Caramel and Vanilla.


Complex, grassy, slightly sweet with hints of spice that gives way to a light citrus fruit and a mild charred oak.


A refined and lingering, honeycomb finish, with a mild hug!


We believe in the spirit of community, recognizing the strength and talents of others, as well as offering a helping hand to those less fortunate. We also want to give voice and support to all musicians and artists and share their creativity with others by providing opportunities for them to perform in special events in their area. We will demonstrate our commitment by designating a portion of Three Chord Bourbon proceeds to assist musicians through a variety of exceptional charities. We invite you to join us in our efforts.

Three Chord Small Batch Blended Bourbon
Three Chord Small Batch Blended Bourbon Sale price$42.99