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Three Chord Amplify Small Batch Rye (Batch no 0011)

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[ST] Feature Icons

Drier and spicier than most whiskey, Three Chord Amplify Rye offers an array of flavors and aromas not present in bourbon. Three Chord Amplify Rye features the grain-forward (almost grassy) character of young Kentucky rye and more refined, deeper flavors of older Indiana rye. The two whiskeys are blended in a large tank before re-barreling for 2-6 months. At 95 proof, Amplify Rye expresses a remarkable depth of rye character that offers complexity, elegance, and balance.



Clear and rich, chestnut color


Floral and citrus notes with hints of black cherry and rye.


Our signature rye is chewy and complex with an unexpected sweetness in the front of your pallet, balanced by the spiciness of the rye in the back. Bold citrus peel, black pepper and mild clove with hints black cherry.


Three Chord finishes with a silky mouth feel, herbaceous mint, and a mild pleasing hug.


We believe in the spirit of community, recognizing the strength and talents of others, as well as offering a helping hand to those less fortunate. We also want to give voice and support to all musicians and artists and share their creativity with others by providing opportunities for them to perform in special events in their area. We will demonstrate our commitment by designating a portion of Three Chord Bourbon proceeds to assist musicians through a variety of exceptional charities. We invite you to join us in our efforts.

Three Chord Amplify Small Batch Rye (Batch no 0011)
Three Chord Amplify Small Batch Rye (Batch no 0011) Sale price$49.99