The Glenrothes

The Last Drop 1968 Cask 13504, Bottle #159

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These Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whiskies have spent their entire lives – nearly 50 years – maturing in the same oak casks.

Amber with long-lingering beading. A mellow nosefeel, with slight prickle after a while. The highly perfumed initial aroma – scented hand-cream, attar of roses, carnations – reduces in time, infused by notes of almond oil and oak shavings, with a trace of vanilla. A drop of water enhances the wood notes. A smooth texture and a sweet taste, drying in the spicy finish, with a suggestion of Friar’s Balsam medicine and a cooling mentholic aftertaste.

Includes an additional 50mL bottle for tasting. Guaranteed to include decorative/original product box. 

51.3% ABV

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