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The Deacon Scotland Blended Scotch Whisky

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[ST] Feature Icons

In Scots, a “Deacon” is an adept and proficient master tradesman. The expert distillers behind our Scotch fit the name perfectly: The Deacon is an homage to master craftspeople, whatever their trade may be.

The Deacon is the most unconventional Scotch you'll ever experience. A one-of-a-kind blend that defies traditional Scotch conventions, featuring a bold and complex flavor profile and unique design sure to awaken your senses. A smooth and rich blended whisky that is perfect for those who like to push beyond the horizon.

The Deacon is a masterful blend of both smoky Speyside and peaty Islay malt whiskies, making for a complex, rich, and smoky dram. In our blend, the single malts from Islay have a characteristic peaty smoke flavour, while the single malts from the mainland have a bonfire-like smoke character. A nose of charred orange, sweet malty biscuits and woodsmoke gives way to juicy orange on the palate along with delicate spice, and tangy peat. The finish is both sweet and smoky, long and smooth.

Traditional copper pot stills used in our distillation process lend their iconic shine to The Deacon’s stunning bottle, which looks like nothing else on the shelf or back bar, covered in an ornate pattern and stamped with our iconic mascot.

80 Proof
The Deacon Scotland Blended Scotch Whisky
The Deacon Scotland Blended Scotch Whisky Sale price$35.99