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The Botanist Gin

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The botanist is a gin of layered complexity.

A versatile dry gin that is crafted using a unique combination of 22 botanicals that are hand-foraged locally and sustainably on the Scottish island of Islay. These botanicals are picked at varying times of the year, and can only be picked when it’s dry—a frequent challenge on Islay! Our dedicated Scottish foragers then carefully and meticulously dry all of the botanicals in order to be infused during our slow, simmer distillation process.

This incredible attention to detail is to ensure we give our artisanal spirit the best chance it can to embody a unique flavor profile that yields a gin that is both beautifully complex and elegantly smooth. This botanical breath of Islay is captured in a stunning glass bottle that features the 22 hand-picked botanicals etched in Latin and is best served neat, in a classic Botanist & Tonic, or as a perfectly chilled martini.


In 2020, we became B Corp certified, recognizing our commitment to using our business as a force for good.

As custodians of Islay, we are working to reduce the impact of our operations and become more environmentally conscientious in our actions. We must ensure that our impact is positive, and our distillery is left to future generations in a better condition than how we found it. Only with this holistic approach can we improve the quality of life for our planet and our people.

As part of our program to reduce our carbon footprint, we've installed a circulatory heating system to recycle our hot wastewater and have switched to 100% renewable energy, sourced within the UK. But we are always looking for more energy solutions.

To create a positive energy infrastructure for the future, our next actions will tackle weighty issues requiring investment and a long-term commitment. One of these projects is Hyladdie: our ambitious hydrogen project in a bid to decarbonise distillation by 2025.

The Botanist is at its core, an expression of Islay. Its bouquet of flavours comes from the 22 hand-foraged botanicals that are sustainably harvested across the island. As such, we’ve made it our mission to support the island’s biodiversity and conservation practices. We will continue to:

  • Support the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) in their mission to stop the extinction of plants through providing funding for their annual Global Botanic Garden Fund
  • Provide year on year funding for a PHD student to study Scottish juniper and its conservation
  • Provide funding and expertise for projects on Islay such as sensory gardens, verge management, pollinators and flora and fauna
The Botanist Gin
The Botanist Gin Sale price$38.99