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The Block Distilling Co Spring Gin

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Ships from San Diego, California

[ST] Feature Icons

Delicate - Floral - Blossoming.

We could describe this gin as a refreshing explosion of nuance where dew-kissed rose and hibiscus blooms dance on your tongue. But we’re distillers, not poets. 

Notes of lavender, lemon balm, rose, and chamomile make up this floral gin. It makes a delightful gin and tonic but if you’re feeling fancy try it in a gin fizz style cocktail with egg white for a bouquet of deliciousness.

92 Proof


Spirits are shelf-stable and starting a distillery is capital intensive; from the equipment required to distill, to the time in barrels (we do a two-year minimum). Some brands, to make those beginning stages easier, bring in NGS (neutral grain spirit aka bulk vodka) and factory-made whiskey and bottle or redistill to sell as their own. We DON’T do that. There are a lot of business models out there and we don’t bash on the other models as long as deception is not part of the game. We just want you to know that our business model is to make everything in-house from start to finish. That is where our #everydamndrop comes from. So you can be at ease knowing what you’re sipping was made from scratch at the Block Building.

The Block Distilling Co Spring Gin
The Block Distilling Co Spring Gin Sale price$49.99