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The Beach by Whispering Angel Rosé 750ml

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Ships from San Diego, California

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The provence rosé which is making waves. 

Transforming the identity of our iconic rosé, all while preserving our authentic Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence wine, we have been inspired by our planet. It is only right that with The Beach’s commitment to sustainability, beach preservation, and more, we show the world that the same love and care that goes into each bottle should go into protecting our planet, pink sand beaches and all, for generations to come.


Clear & very expressive with great aromatic freshness on the nose, including aromas of red berries with hints of lime and melon.


The Beach rosé is subtle and smooth…showing a balanced acidity and minerality with delicious citrus and red fruit flavours.


This rosé wine is fresh and round with a light and long peach, citrus flare.

The Beach by Whispering Angel Rosé 750ml
The Beach by Whispering Angel Rosé 750ml Sale price$21.99