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Teaz Vodka

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Tonya Grubb is the founder and CEO of Teaz French Vodka, a premium vodka company with a unique and visually stunning bottle design. With over two decades of knowledge in the beverage industry, Tonya has always had the entrepreneurial passion, persistence, and drive that it takes to launch a new brand in an extremely competitive market. Her artistic imagination and attention to detail have been instrumental in creating a one-of-a-kind bottle design that has won multiple awards, including "Double Gold Winner for Outstanding Design" at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Tonya's passion for empowering women celebrates women's beauty, strength, and resilience. The work of art took her three years to perfect as she would not settle for anything less. And with her visually stunning bottle design, she would only use an equally extraordinary vodka. So, Tonya followed her roots to France where she helped create an award-winning premium vodka she is proud to serve.

Tonya's dedication to creating a product that celebrates women and inspires them to follow their dreams has been the driving force behind Teaz French Vodka's success. Her hope is that Teaz will empower women everywhere to be confident in their own skin and to pursue their goals with passion and persistence.

Teaz Vodka
Teaz Vodka Sale price$31.99