SVEDKA Modern Style Gin

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Citrus-forward and inspired by flavorful New World gins from around the globe, SVEDKA Modern Style Gin is a unique twist on the classic gin style.

The citrus-forward, juniper-light profile of this SVEDKA Gin alcohol offers a smoother, more approachable taste experience, and it's also ideal for mixing into your favorite gin cocktails. Try this easy-to-enjoy gin – featuring lemon peel, cardamom, and floral notes – in a gin martini, gin mule, or a gin and tonic. Create your own personalized mixology bartender kit as a gift for your favorite college graduate, adding this 750 mL bottle of SVEDKA Gin and two stemless martini glasses. Cancel 'traditional' gin drinks and instead shake and stir things up to start the party with the citrusy and refreshingly unexpected flavor of this modern gin from SVEDKA. 

Gin distilled from grain 40% alc. by vol.

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