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Straightaway Holiday 6 Pack Party Set

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Ships from San Diego, California

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'Tis the season to imbibe with the Six Pack Party set, including six meticulously made bottled cocktails: Lintik, Margarita, The Cosmos, The Swizzle, Negroni and Seasonal Favorite Maple Old Fashioned. This festive pack is a welcome addition to any holiday party. (Because who needs another bottle of wine?)

"Whether it’s a margarita, a negroni or something a little more exotic like a maple old fashioned or a rum swizzle, Straightaway Cocktails has got you covered. The folks at this Portland, Oregon-based cocktail company is crafty to the point of point of picking their own fir needles to make in-house bitters and roasting their own hazelnuts. A good holiday gift is their six-bottle sampler, which allows your guests to enjoy such delights as Lintik lightning gin cocktail, a maple old fashioned and more." - Forbes

Includes: 6 x 200 ml bottles

  • Lintik (25% ABV)
  • Negroni (36% ABV)
  • Maple Old Fashioned (41.5% ABV)
  • The Swizzle (25% ABV)
  • Margarita (25% ABV)
  • The Cosmos (25% ABV)



Tasting Notes: Bright, zesty, punchy 

Ingredients: Gin infused with lemon, housemade bitters, simple syrup


Tasting Notes: Herbaceous, bitter, balanced

Ingredients: Gin, Crimson Snap, Accompani Sweet Vermouth


Tasting Notes: Campfire, rich, buttery, elegant, tantalizing

Ingredients: Bourbon, Vermont Maple Syrup, Apple Caraway Bitters


Tasting Notes: Tropical, juicy, subtly spiced

Ingredients: Rum, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Housemade Falernum


Tasting Notes: Bright citrus, gentle heat, complex

Ingredients: Reposado Tequila, Mezcal, Orange Liqueur, Agave, Habanero and Mango Syrup, Lime Juice, Sea Salt


Tasting Notes: Tart, bright citrus, refreshing

Ingredients: Vodka aged with Lime, Lemon & Orange, Housemade Cranberry Liqueur

Straightaway Holiday 6 Pack Party Set
Straightaway Holiday 6 Pack Party Set Sale price$87.99