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Springfield Distillery Basketball Bourbon

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This Bourbon is a handcrafted blend of younger bourbons and Cooperstown Distillery’s small batch bourbon. These two distinctive styles were hand selected and chosen for their individual character and flavor profile, while exacting a degree of softness on the palette through layers of depth and complexity. This bourbon finishes with caramel and butterscotch, rounded out with a layer of sweet toffee.

Our distiller decided to bump the proof on this fine young bourbon to 90 proof in order to accentuate the finish notes on this thoroughly enjoyable spirit. This premium bourbon is housed in a uniquely designed decanter formed in the shape of a professional basketball. Every bottle is individually blown, includes a replica leather stopper and sits on a raised pedestal base with a clever rendition of an official basketball court. The perfect gift for the hoops fan in all of us.

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