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Sotaques Classic Cachaça

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Cachaça is made from fermented and distilled one hundred percent from fresh sugarcane juice. Created in Brazil in the 1530s is the first spirit created in the Americas. Sotaques Classic is produced in small batches and handcrafted in a sustainable way in the mountains of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Clear, bright with silver highlights


Light to medium

40% ABV


We are passionate about the culture, heritage and ecology of Brazil has a strong commitment to sustainability. Sotaques Cachaça has been granted with the Sustainable Aging Seal (SES) It is an instrument of control, identification and information for the consumer, regarding the woods of cachaça, we work to ensure replanting and sourcing from sustainable stocks, as well as improving and optimizing our supply chain over time and contributing over time to a larger conversation about sustainability of cachaça.

What is Cachaça?

Cachaça is Brazil's national spirit, a distilled spirit made from fermented and distilled sugarcane juice. It has a history of almost 500 years, blending three trends in Brazilian culture: Indian, African, and Portuguese. Cachaça is often compared to rum because they share a sugar-based distillate, but cachaça is made from freshly-pressed sugarcane juice, while rum is not. Cachaça is sweeter and has a different taste than rum because it is made directly from sugarcane juice.

Sotaques Classic Cachaça
Sotaques Classic Cachaça Sale price$58.99