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Skorpios Añejo Tequila

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Ships from San Diego, California

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A delicious taste of cooked agave with wood notes. A delicate and natural taste.
A highly complex taste as a result of aging in American Bourbon Whiskey barrels which have been burnt at medium range internally. The result is an ultra-smooth tequila with a variety of fruit, nuts and sweet notes.

Production Method

• Aged 18-24 months
• Blended: Age and Barrel Type
• Bourbon Barrels
• Single Estate
• Brick Ovens
• Roller Crushed
• Copper Pots
• Open Air Fermentation
• Deep Well Water/Natural Spring
• 100% Agave Sugars
• Classical Music in-Barrel Fermentation
(Beethoven Symphony 9)
• Double Distilled
• Non-additive flavoring

Skorpios Añejo Tequila
Skorpios Añejo Tequila Sale price$239.99