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Los Azulejos Skelly Blanco Tequila

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 Skelly Blanco Tequila 

Pedro Quintanilla was a man of art, passion, and tradition. Born into a prominent family in Mexico City, he grew up surrounded by the beauty, architecture, art, and rich colors of Mexico. Always prominent in the beauty, were the hand-painted azulejos tiles that adorned the haciendas, patios, and kitchens of his home country, which inspired the name for the brand, tequila Azulejos (ah-soo-leh-hos).

     Thirty years ago, Pedro Quintanilla, together with his good friend and well known entrepreneur, Alfredo Miguel, founded Azulejos tequila. Azulejos was ahead of its time being one of the first brands with combining tequila and hand-painting, both, true forms of art. It’s first of a kind hand-painted decanter bottles, paying homage to the history, tradition, and beauty of Mexico, pushed boundaries changing and the tequila industry forever by intertwining tequila with art.

    Pedro's vision for Azulejos was simple: to create a tequila that was of the highest quality, produced in the traditional method without any additives. Quintanilla searched Jalisco for the finest agaves and the most experienced master distillers...

80 Proof / 40% ABV