Shibui 10 Year Old Single Grain Virgin White Oak Whisky

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Shibui Japanese Whisky is the only single brand range of whiskies crafted from multiple award-winning Japanese whisky distilleries. The team has worked to make innovation and transparency a foundation of their mission to bring the best aged whisky statements to craft whisky lovers and connoisseurs alike. With a motto of “We Don't Distill, We Discover,” the Shibui team simply finds the best barrels of mature Japanese whisky and shares them for the rest of the world to enjoy.


Tropical fruit salad and whipped cream


Strap yourself in – this is spectacular – Pineapple and mango punch up instantly, then vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce lift this dessert of a dram even higher. Pair with a light cigar or a small charcuterie board.


100% European virgin white oak.

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