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San Matías Gran Reserva Extra Añejo Tequila

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We always wait for that special moment, the culmination of our effort and dedication. When that moment finally arrives, we want to stop and enjoy it with the things we love the most.

In 1993 Casa San Matías introduced the world the first extra añejo tequila. San Matías Gran Reserva is unique, a drink of a noble character and a product that reflects the precision that has been our trademark for more than 130 years. Aged for 3 years.


Tequila amber bright medium, clean and transparent and orange hue, with dripping in slow glass and crown in calix, has great body.


Initial aroma of butter and ripe fruits and notes of chocolate and toasted almond, intense hazelnut, in retro smell there are notes of crust of rye bread and red flowers.


Natural sweet flavor, sapidity, slight acidity. It presominates sweet and light acidity.


Ideal to pair with fatty meats and poultry, very pure.

38% - 40% ABV

San Matías Gran Reserva Extra Añejo Tequila
San Matías Gran Reserva Extra Añejo Tequila Sale price$54.99