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Saint Cloud X-Series Abstrākt 2 Single Barrel Bourbon

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We believe Saint Cloud Kentucky Straight Bourbon to be truly unique. Our focus is to present the highest quality experience to the true whiskey connoisseur, without compromise or limitation. Our bourbon is a culmination of years of effort, planning and execution with one goal in mind - your enjoyment.

Madeira and mini maple barrels combine to create a truly unique experience. Dessert in a glass comes to mind, but this is altogether something more, something special. Maturation: New Charred American White Oak then to a new toasted French oak cask from the legendary Madeira at which time it was heated to over 105 degrees Fahrenheit for five months. Two mini maple barrels (allowing for 100 bottles worth of bourbon to be produced) were then filled and further aged an additional three months at 120 degrees fahrenheit. Bottled as Single Barrels, and unfiltered.

New York City Painter, Flore has been attracted to modernism, wherever he can find it. His work captures a freedom of space and fluidity, leaping from the canvas in a vivid rush of color and pulsating texture.

ABV: 57.5% / 115 proof
Release Date: February 2023

Flavour Profile
  • Nose: Maple syrup folded into honey and almond roca.
  • Palate: Rich, decadent, and mouthfilling. Mounds of sweetened cinnamon, and almond extract, underscored by a current of smooth caramel.
  • Finish: Palate-coating richness gives way to a complex melange of almonds, milk chocolate, dulce de leche, apricots and ripe figs.