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RY3 Rye Whiskey Rum Cask Finish

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Ships from San Diego, California

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3 Mashbills, 3 Distillates, 3 Whiskeys, Rum Cask Finish. One ultra-premium whiskey, three times the enjoyment.

Ry3 is a special blend of 3 phenomenal whiskeys, 3 carefully handpicked mash-bills, and 3 distinctive aged statements, that are meticulously blended with artisanal distinction to create this magical liquid.

The culmination of this beautifully well-balanced whiskey is finished in vintage rum casks, resulting in a sipping experience of silky-smooth rye whiskey with layers of fruity and complex notes from the rum barrels.

100 Proof

RY3 Rye Whiskey Rum Cask Finish
RY3 Rye Whiskey Rum Cask Finish Sale price$58.99 Regular price$59.99