Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi Buttery Chardonnay Private Selection

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Robert Mondavi Buttery Chardonnay is named for the rich, creamy flavors imparted by its distinct winemaking style. Our coastal California vineyards deliver decadent aromas of ripe pineapples and crème brûlée and lush flavors of apple, graham crackers,  and white peach, balanced with bright, mouth-watering acidity.

100% malolactic fermentation bestows notes of butter, and enhances the wine’s body and complexity, and aging on French and America oak adds the finishing touches of brown spice, toasted oak and vanilla aromas. Enjoy our Buttery Chardonnay with roasted chicken, fettuccine carbonara, grilled salmon with blue cheese, or mango green salad.

*Vintage may vary.

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