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Riazul Añejo Tequila

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After two distillations, the Añejo is aged for two years — longer than any tequila in its class. Riazul selected French oak barrels previously cured with XO Cognac, made with wood from the Citeaux forests of Burgundy which feature a medium toast and indigenous vanilla tannins.

The Añejo displays subtle hints of agave, driven by delicate flavors of honey, vanilla, dried fruits, and spices.


  • Aging: Aged for 2 years in French oak barrels previously used for Cognac. This long aging process achieves a rich golden amber color.
  • Aroma: Sweet aromas of cinnamon, spicy pineapple, and rich banana.
  • Taste: Silk entry to a fruity medium body with great depth of vibrant flavors of caramel, agave, almond, and vanilla.
  • Finish: Cinnamon

ABV 40%

Riazul Añejo Tequila
Riazul Añejo Tequila Sale price$98.99