Remy Martin

Rèmy Martin XO Extra Old 375ml

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The excellence of Cognac Fine Champagne.

Rémy Martin XO is the signature of our Cellar Master who with his expertise blends hundreds of eaux-de-vie. The Cellar Master’s art of blending allows us to express the full aromatic complexity of this XO Cognac Fine Champagne.

You can enjoy Rémy Martin XO neat or on the rocks. According to Baptiste Loiseau, Cellar Master of the House of Rémy Martin, XO also expresses its full potential as an aperitif, on the rocks. Ideal when enjoyed between connoisseurs who can together appreciate its infinitely aromatic richness.

The delicate aromas of Rémy Martin XO are also perfect when mixed into an Old Fashioned.

For an ideal pairing, XO can be accompanied with a cigar or chocolate.


Exceptionally smooth with a powerful yet understated aroma. An explosion of fragrances to delight the nose.


Opulent by taste, XO reveals its aromas progressively throughout the tasting. Starting with plum, mature fig and candied orange, progressing to spicy notes with a hint of cinnamon and freshly crushed hazelnuts, and finishing with gourmet notes of roasted cocoa beans, honey, and ginger.


Uniquely opulent, Rémy Martin XO establishes itself as smooth, full-bodied, and long-lasting.

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