Purity 34 Craft Nordic Old Tom Gin

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Elevate Your Cocktails: Old Tom Gin, a smooth delight with a touch of sweetness, for timeless mixology.

Old Tom gin was made famous in 17th-century London and is today seen as the ultimate gin for elevated cocktails. It is recognizable for its softness on the palate with a subtle touch of sweetness. Starting with our award-winning organic vodka – its heart copper distilled 34 times for extra flavor and smoothness – juniper and other organic botanicals are blended with a pinch of organic sugar cane. A delicious, smooth gin for making great cocktails or enjoyed neat on ice.

What characterizes Old Tom gin is the softness on the palate with a subtle hint of sweetness. As with our other gins, we start by using the finest base spirit possible – our 12-hour copper-distilled vodka. And every ingredient – from juniper and basil and thyme to organic cane sugar and botanicals – is dialed up for full flavor and smoothness.


40% ABV

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