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Ortolan Rosolio (Rose) Liqueur

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Ortolan Rosolio is a modern expression of the historic rosolios of Italy and in the tradition of French apéritifs and Italian amaros. We make it from heirloom roses sourced sustainably in California, and balance it with select botanicals for complexity and length.

Each variety of rose lends its own aroma, flavor, and color to the blend, and the final expression brings a refreshing garden into your glass. The result is a versatile, inimitable, and refreshing liqueur that changes color with the addition of citrus due to the natural pigments in the roses.

Our unique recipe and careful sourcing make Ortolan an essential ingredient for bartenders and home mixologists. Pair it boldly with your favorite spirit and some citrus for a simple drink, serve it chilled on its own, or refresh by having it with club soda and lime. Try elevating classic cocktails like the kir royale, margarita, negroni, spritz, and martini. Make your drinks bloom.

54 Proof / 27% ABV



Citrus and floral notes at the fore. Subtle, more complex perfumes emerge with dilution, from almond and lanolin to subtle, myrtle, classic rose, cardamom, clove, and spring flowers.


Light, balanced sweetness. Very floral and complex with length carried by subtle bitter citrus and earthy/vegetal notes, leading to a long clean finish.


Most people we come across haven’t tried anything quite like Ortolan before. Here’s how we suggest trying it for the first time:

1. Pour some Ortolan Rosolio into a glass over ice.  Swill it and smell, then taste.

  • If you were to add an orange peel to this, then you’d be having our favorite and most straight-forward way to enjoy Ortolan as an aperitif.

2. Add a little sparkling water to the Ortolan and ice. The bubbles help to further lift the aromas. Smell, and taste if you like.

  • If you were to add a lemon slice to this (or not), you’d be having our version of a highball.

3. Squeeze a lime or lemon wedge into the glass.  Stir or swish the glass and watch.  The color will change to pink (the more citrus you add, the more pink it will get as the acidity reacts with the pigments from the rose petals).  Taste and enjoy.

  •   This is the Ortolan and Soda, one of the most popular and refreshing ways to enjoy Ortolan Rosolio.

From here, play around with your favorite spirits and Ortolan. We like to think that it pairs well with most any spirit and a bit of citrus to create a complex but easy-to-make drink.

Ortolan Rosolio (Rose) Liqueur
Ortolan Rosolio (Rose) Liqueur Sale price$47.99