Oban 10 Year Special Release 2022 Scotch

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This year's Special Releases Collection pushes the boundaries of flavor maps, creating a vivid and fantastical collection of elusive expressions - showcasing the world of rare flavor possibilities from iconic distilleries.

Oban 2022 Special Release 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky exudes flavors fit for a legend. This whisky is matured first in refill and new American Oak, then in Amontillado-seasoned casks.

On the nose, hints of salt crystal, edible seaweed, and ozone-fresh sea air infused with a faintly smoky scent. With a creamy-smooth texture, the taste shines brightly with wine-fruit notes carrying hints of sweet violet and spiced plum. The fruit is well balanced with spiciness - first a saltiness mid-palate, then a dash of chili pepper to finish.

One of the oldest and smallest distilleries in Scotland, Oban rose in 1794, bringing an electric vibrancy to the quiet surroundings, with its mythical nature having been written in the stars for centuries. For a classic drink, serve in a whisky glass neat or with a dash of water to soften the taste, taming the spiciness without altering the balance overall. 


Wine-fruit notes with hints of sweet violet and spiced plum balanced by spiciness Finish: Long, smooth chili pepper.


Hints of salt crystal, edible seaweed, and ozone-fresh sea air with a faint smokiness.


Long, smooth chili pepper.

114.2 Proof

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