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Termanthia, the iconic wine, is the ultimate expression of the Tinta de Toro. Crafted from vines reaching 150 years old, it delivers fruit intensity and impressive full body as well as elegance and complexity.  Inside each glass of Termanthia there is a century, a handcrafted perfection, and a haute couture style.  

In Toro, 2012 was one of these atypical vintages. The bud burst was very slow: it started end of March but slowed down because of low temperatures. Nevertheless, thanks to a warm and humid month of April, it came back with a renewed vigor.

  • Colour: deep red with a garnet edge and a dense texture.
  • Aroma: Termanthia 2013 has a concentrated, uniquely complex aroma, with multiple layers. The scent of ripe plums and cherries joins that of violets and black olives, thus creating a wine that is balanced and harmonious.
  • Mouth: on the palate, Termanthia 2013 boasts a generous volume, with firm, fine tannins. Its complex and intense structure, makes it an elegant, balanced wine where the subtle, complex aromas of mocha, tobacco and dry figs are a perfect match for the black fruit notes. The finish is long and persistent, with minerals, spicy and smoky notes.