Nosotros Blanco Tequila

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This award-winning tequila is the result of a 50/50 blend of two agave regions to create a complex and delicious taste profile. Highland agaves give Nosotros its sweet introduction while lowland agaves bring an herbal finish. Earned World's Best Tasting Tequila at SFWSC 2017.

Our blanco is unaged – bottled straight from distillation. Blanco is the untouched expression of agave. Think of it like fruit before you put it into a pie. A green Granny Smith apple tastes different from a red Gala and that nuance can be lost when they are cooked into a pie. Purists love blanco because it showcases the character and quality of the agave. This is particularly important in the case of our blanco because of its unique agave profile. We taste notes of citrus, orange, petrichor, and cooked agave.


Nosotros’ agave sourcing is uncommon in the tequila world. We sustainably source half of our agaves from the highlands of Jalisco and half from the lowlands. Historically, brands have focused on one altitude and ecology. We decided to blend climates to create something different.

Highland agaves are exposed to more sun and less water. The stress from this makes them sweet and fruity and they bring these properties to the tequila. Lowland agaves, where water and shade are more abundant, are herbal and earthy.

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