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Nocheluna Sotol Blanco Spirit

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Harvested from 100% wild Sotol, Nocheluna has a fresh taste balanced with minerality and herbal notes of citrus, cacao and mint . The liquid’s unique layers of flavors are formed over years in the wild-embodying the natural elements, resilient spirit, and vibrant culture that thrive there

Born from the Chihuahuan desert and harvested from the resilient Dasylirion plant, Nocheluna has a pronounced and versatile flavor profile

This exceptional spirit embodies fresh minerality and light sweetness balanced by herbal tones and notes of dried stone fruits and cacao.

The 100% artisanal process yields a dynamic liquid that can be enjoyed by all spirits lovers in a neat pour or in cocktails alike.

Nocheluna Sotol Blanco Spirit
Nocheluna Sotol Blanco Spirit Sale price$44.99