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Noble Oak Double Oak Rye

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A unique rye finished with port wine staves sourced by the Master of Wood at Edrington, producers of the world's finest single malts. 

First, we traditionally rest our whiskey in charred new American White Oak barrels for a minimum of two years, developing sweet vanilla notes and a deep caramel tone. Then, we finish our whiskey using either sherry or port wine cask staves to impart additional complexity. The result? Unique flavors that are elegantly balanced and bold.

ABV: 48%


Deep mahogany


Notes of toffee, allspice, wood, and rich grains


Notes of sweet brown sugar and maple syrup dissolve into a sharp profile of green pepper and grass, closing with austere rye grainy spice


We are on a mission to revitalize the earth by planting trees, building communities, and of course, enjoying great whiskey.

We have committed to planting 1,000,000 trees to date via our partnership with One Tree Planted. Click on a pinned location from the map to learn more about all of the planting projects we have contributed to.

The planting projects we support are chosen along with our partners at One Tree Planted who partner with local tree planting organizations that best understand the specific needs of each community.

Noble Oak Double Oak Rye
Noble Oak Double Oak Rye Sale price$44.99