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New England Barrel Company Bourbon Whiskey 3 Bottle Collection

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Only 3 bottles left in stock!

Includes the following bottles at 750mL each:


Barrel #15-11. This is a 7 year bourbon hand selected for California and bottled at ABV: 55.7%


Aged 4 Years, this bourbon is sourced from the OZ Tyler/Green River Distillery in Kentucky where it spent the first 3.75 years of its life maturing into the full bodied Bourbon that drew us to this particular production run. Dark Amber in color, you will find salted caramel, baked pears or apples on the nose. The palate provides classic bourbon profile with honey, vanilla, and toasted oak present in each sip. The long finish is where this magic happens and tasting experience completes itself with a nice Kentucky Hug! ABV: 59.18%


At 3+ year old and 99-Proof, our Small Batch Bourbon brings all of the traditional bourbon flavors to the table – Vanilla, Caramel, Baking Spice, Honey – to make for a greater sipper whether neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail. Distilled in Indiana.

Buy the collection and save. Single Barrel bottle exclusive to this collection!

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