Joseph Magnus

Murray Hill Club Bourbon Whiskey

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Murray Hill Club is a blend of 18 year, 11 year, and 9 year (a small amount) light whiskies. A truly exceptional and unique product with rounded flavor and complex character.

A true bourbon blend crafted using the same techniques Joseph Magnus used to create this original pre-Prohibition spirit more than 100 years ago. Artfully marries 18 and 11-year-old bourbon with 9-year-old light whiskey to deliver notes of butterscotch, honey, toffee, autumnal baking spices, vanilla, and char, with a hint of black pepper that lingers through a softly spiced and toasted finish.


Toasty, buttery notes of vanilla and char, with layers of spiced, dried fruits through the finish.

51.5% ABV / 103 Proof

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