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Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin

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Ships from San Diego, California

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Mr Pickles is named after Master Distiller Ben Green’s pit bull rescue. One of them makes great gin. They both like belly rubs. We set out to make the best gin in the world, name it after the ‘goodest’ boy in the world, and then put his picture on the label. Don’t you just love when a plan comes together?  

Have you ever tasted something so good it makes you a little annoyed?...Like, why hasn’t this been in my mouth before? If you asked our distiller to describe the taste he might say Mr. Pickles is born from 100% soft, white winter wheat, mono-sourced just down the road at the Camas Country Mill. 

The exceptionally soft base spirit is triple distilled with the final distillation including a vapor basket to introduce the botanicals. It leads with the same enlivening juniper notes you might encounter on a hike to majestic Mount Hood, which are quickly softened by 11 other botanicals, including sencha green tea, blood orange, pink peppercorns, and marshmallow root, revealing an approachable, aromatic, and sweet spirit reminiscent of Cascade Mountains meadows.

But that’s a lot of words to simply say Mr. Pickles is stupid good.

Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin
Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin Sale price$40.99