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Momento Verde Mezcal

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Mezcal Verde Amarás is a rebel with a cause. A brave project that takes a stand for diversity, and embraces love and respect in the pursuit of a better world. A playful portfolio that refuses to play it safe.

Verde wants to give a voice to people of all cultures, races and genders, undivided, embracing all human beings for who they are. The project stands for a world without prejudice, encourages everyone to be true to themselves, and seeks to empower all people to explore who they want to be.

Embracing diversity, Verde reaches beyond fixed labels. Our love is emblazoned on each bottle, with custom labels designed by artists from across Mexico and around the world. Not one label, but many. #NoLabel.

Enlisting the unique visions of artists from diverse races, cultures, genders and ethnicities, we seek to amplify the point of view of our multidisciplinary collaborators. Our labels offer them a blank canvas to express their unique perspective on the world.


Our project advances the belief that creativity can be the catalyst for change, and that by freeing ourselves of fixed labels we can achieve a better world beyond one single identity or perspective.

We are a gamechanger, inviting all audiences into the mezcal category by taking a bold stand for what we believe in: love, respect, and a celebration of the creativity and strength in human diversity.

Mezcal Verde delivers high-quality mezcal that respects our holistic model - From seed to Sip - crafted using artisanal methods using 8-year-old agave Espadín.  


Mezcal Verde is a unique and flavorful spirit that embodies the philosophy of Mezcal Amarás, going beyond the conventional processes and being a carbon-neutral mezcal.

Momento Verde Mezcal
Momento Verde Mezcal Sale price$33.99