Moet & Chandon

Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Rosé 2009

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Every Grand Vintage is unique and original, the Cellar Master’s free, personal interpretation in service of revealing the exceptional personality of singular vintage years. 

Grand Vintage 2009 perfectly embodies the Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage spirit, a spirit founded on three essential values:

  • Freedom of interpretation
  • Selection of the year’s most remarkable wines
  • Individuality of the vintage

For champagnes distinguished by their maturity, complexity and charisma.

A luminous colour
  • Deep rose with hints of topaz
  • Coral reflections, beautifully dazzling
  • A fine, persistent bead.
A fulfilling, appetizing bouquet
  • The bouquet is delectably appetizing. 
  • Initial notes evoke scents of picking ripe berries under the summer sun: forest berries, wild strawberry, raspberry and currant rounded out with floral, botanical nuances of rhubarb, violet and cocquelicot bonbons. 
  • A touch of vanilla and pink peppercorn underscore the vintage’s full-fledged maturity.

The palate evokes joy, calling to mind a carnival with its twirling rides and children laughing over displays of sweets: marshmallows, hard candy, cotton candy and caramel apples. Then come notes of nutmeg, dried fig and black cherry. The Pinot Noir expresses itself with a light, airy elegance, a soft, gentle texture and a finish.

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