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Clonakilty Minke Irish Gin

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Minke Irish Gin is a juniper based, citrus forward gin.

Distilled from whey for a smooth, velvety mouthfeel. Every drop is distilled in our copper pot still.

Minke Irish Gin was Awarded “Best Classic Irish Gin” at the World Gin Awards 2023.

Inspired by the Minke Whale, the majestic creatures that swim wild off our Atlantic Ocean coastline.

The same coastline that we forage our unique botanical Rock Samphire, which is sustainably harvested along our Atlantic cliffs. This is harvested only by hand and only when in season.

87.2 Proof / 43.6% ABV


Nose: Crisp and dry.

Taste: Fresh n’ fruity, zesty, later the Rock Samphire from our local cliffs becomes obvious with some green fennel-like notes.

Finish: Slightly salty with red peppercorn in the finish.


Serve Fill a Minke Glass with 4 large ice cubes, 1/3 Minke Gin and 2/3 Tonic.

Add two slices of lemon or lime and garnish with a mint leaf.



We take our sustainability and environmental commitments seriously. When we say our mission is to create the best Irish whiskey with the least environmental impact to land and sea, we really mean it. 

For sustainability, transparency, and provenance, we feel that being in control of every step of the process is important. This way consumers know exactly what is going into our spirits and how we make them. 


  • We minimise our transport carbon footprint by keeping 100% of production operations within the local area. We distil, blend, bottle and warehouse all our products in the Clonakilty area. 
  • The barley we use in our whiskey is either grown on the family farm or supplied by local farmers, the majority within a 15km radius. 
  • 100% of our local barley growers are IGAS certified (Irish Grain Assurance Scheme), which helps to ensure traceability. 90% of our growers are also members of the Agri-Climate Rural Environment Scheme (ACRES), a farmer-friendly scheme to help address biodiversity decline while delivering an income support for up to 50,000 farm families in Ireland.


100% of our co-products, residue of the distillation process, are redistributed to local farmers and are used as fertiliser or animal feed. (Co-products are spent grains, pot ale and spent lees). 

  • 100% of the electricity we use in the distillery is made from renewable sources.
  • The water used to cut our new make spirit is sourced in its natural state from deep wells.
  • The water used in the cooling system at the distillery is recirculated which reduces water usage.


  • 98% of our packaging materials are reusable, recyclable and/or compostable.
  • Achieved eliminating the use of single-use plastic from our shipping packaging completely. 
  • Redesigned our bottles which now weigh 22% lighter and are made with recycled glass. 


We are in the process of planting a permanent wildflower meadow to feed and protect pollinators. In addition, we have planted over 400 native trees (silver birch, hawthorn, scots pine, pedunculate oak, flowering cherry), shrubs and hedgerows to provide small habitats for other wildlife. 

We have built a large, dedicated bee bank which will provide a burrow for our native bee species for resting and hibernation.

Clonakilty Minke Irish Gin
Clonakilty Minke Irish Gin Sale price$30.99