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Merlet VS Cognac

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For their Merlet VS cognac, Gilles and his sons have selected and assembled eaux-de-vie of at least two years old, from different regions of the cognac appellation, to ensure the consistency of its quality. The cognacs selected for this blend are light and easy, mostly from Fins Bois but also Bons Bois, with a touch of Petite Champagne. Depending on the blends, other crus distilled by the Distillerie Merlet may be used in the composition. In the end, the Merlet VS cognac reveals fine oak and delicate fruit.

80 Proof / 40% ABV


Straw color


The nose remains fine with a dominant eau-de-vie on delicately vanilla pear notes.


The palate is light, subtly woody.

Merlet VS Cognac
Merlet VS Cognac Sale price$32.99