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Mark West Black Pinot Noir

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Ships from San Diego, California

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Welcome to the dark side of Pinot Noir. Since Mark West’s founding in 1978, we’ve been totally devoted to crafting exceptional Pinot Noir using only the best fruit sourced from California’s coastal appellations. Mark West Black is a perfect example of what patience, hard work, and a passion for Pinot can produce. 


The deepest, darkest, smoothest Pinot in our collection, with notes of black cherries, plums, mocha, vanilla, and caramel.


Grilled lamb chops, gourmet flatbread pizza, and pulled pork sandwiches are all solid choices.


Grapes for this darker side of Pinot come from premier, cool-climate growing regions in Monterey County. After harvest, we put our grapes through a French process called "Saignée." What is Saignée, you ask? Well, it's when some of the lighter colored wine is removed before it has time to soak into the grape skins. And why would you do that, you may ask? To give it its deep, full-bodied flavor and dark color—because we all know that Black is the new Noir.

*Vintage may vary.


Mark West Black Pinot Noir
Mark West Black Pinot Noir Sale price$10.99 Regular price$12.99