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Marie Duffau 25 Year Armagnac

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Marie Duffau Armagnacs offers a range of blends from three years to more than 30 years as well as vintages from 1960 to this day.

Try the young Armagnacs in cocktails or in long drinks served on the rocks. They will bring all of their perfume to all types of cooking; enhancing, flaming, flavouring and accompanying dishes and patisseries.

The older Armagnacs express their subtlety, finesse, richness and character on their own or accompanied by a cigar, a chocolate dessert or a sharp arabica coffee. Let yourself be tempted by the aperitif Floc de Gascogne and the Agen Prunes in Armagnac for dessert.

Marie Duffau 25 Year Armagnac
Marie Duffau 25 Year Armagnac Sale price$101.99