Maggie’s Farm

Maggie's Farm White Rum

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Maggie’s Farm White Rum is distilled from a fermentation of raw turbinado cane sugar sourced from Louisiana. We open-ferment our cane for nearly 3 weeks with a Caribbean-derived rum yeast and pot distill it for full body and flavor. We gradually proof down the finished rum over an extended period of time, then age in stainless for up to 3 months for additional ester development and smoothness. This results in a spirit profile that falls between heavy Caribbean rums and those of the French West Indies, with a slight grassiness and soft notes of vanilla.

  • American Craft Spirits Association - Bronze Medal (2019)

  • Spirits Journal Ultimate Spirits Challenge - 94 points (Chairman's Trophy Finalist) (2018)

  • The Fifty Finest White Rum - Double Gold Medal (2018)

  • American Distilling Institute - Bronze Medal (2018)

  • American Craft Spirits Association - Bronze Medal (2018)

  • Distilled San Diego - Silver Medal (2018)

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